Plant Place Nursery we specialize in growing landscape plants, organic edibles,and exotic ornamentals. We are passionate about plants! Most of our nursery stock is grown in house, well accumulated to our environment. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of sustainable growing practices, offering landscape design and landscape services. We now offer irrigation as part of our service. We are here for our community, we offer services to maintain your landscape towards a healthier tomorrow.


Our Beginning, Your Future

Plant Place Nursery was founded in 2011. We are determined to change the idea of how food should be grown and how a yard should look. Using ideas of native agriculture and permaculture it is possible to grow your own food and yard without harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. 


“They who plant a garden, do good things with their hands.”


We enjoy all aspects of growing plants. Whether from seed to soil or root to water, conventional and non conventional methods are always fun to explore!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge of how to grow their own food and other beneficial plants using organic, natural, and sustainable practices. We also specialize in responsible native landscape design and installs. At our Jacksonville location we offer a wide selection of plants appropriate for growing the 9A USDA growing zone. At Plant Place Nursery we sell the plants and supplies needed, the knowledge is free!



of people say that more plants at work would improve their performance.


of american children, eat enough fruits and veggies.


of americans that garden say it makes them feel happier!


We are within a food crisis. Growing your own food is not just a trend, it's becoming a necessity. Gardening can be stress relief, exercise and a way to provide food that is chemical free and non-gmo. 

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Get Involved

Not sure where to start? A wealth of knowledge is within your reach!  There is no better way to learn than from the people who are acclimated to growing in your area. Stop by your local plant nursery and see what's growing. Talk to the owner, pick their brain! If  you live near a community garden, visit there. You are bound to bump into someone tending their plot. Go to local producer only markets and ask the vendors questions. Your local county extension office can provide information and many useful tools. Don't wait! Get started, get going, and get planting! There's no time like the present!

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