Common Sage - Salvia officinalis

Common Sage - Salvia officinalis


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Cooks and gardeners alike are attracted to this classic, evergreen annual for the unique, pungent flavor and aroma that its gray-green leaves produce. It can form a 2.5-foot-tall by 3-foot-wide bush with woody stems that may be trimmed back to newly emerging growth or strong stems in spring. In early to mid-summer, it sends up lavender-purple flower spikes; it has both ornamental and culinary qualities in an herb garden. 


Provide moist but well-drained soil in full sun. This species tolerates alkaline soil.

  • Plant Height 1 to 3 feet
  • Plant Width 1 to 3 feet
  • Zones 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Uses Containers, Ground Covers
  • Tolerance Deer Tolerant, Drought Tolerant, Frost Tolerant
  • Moisture Dry to Medium
  • Bloom Early Summer, Summer
  • Characteristics Fragrant Foliage 
  • Light Full Sun
  • Maintenance Low 
  • Growth Rate Moderate
  • Plant Type Annual in Zone 9

Sage Benefits

Sage has one of the longest histories of use of any culinary or medicinal herb. 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial
  • Reduces muscle tension 
  • Relieves indigestion
  • Relaxant
  • Reduces menopausal symptoms
  • Improve memory

Internally, a tea made from sage leaves has had a long history of use to treat sore throats and coughs; often by gargling. It was also used by herbalists for rheumatism, excessive menstrual bleeding, and to dry up a mother's milk when nursing was stopped. It was particularly noted for strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, and sharpening the senses. 


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